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Insafe has a heritage in safes dating back to 1840. We supply and maintain safes supported by 
our 24 hour UK wide Safe Engineer and Master Locksmiths service. View Safes and Services Video

Our products also include deposit safes, anti-hold-up safes, cash safes, jewellery safes, data safes,
fire safes and vaults. Our sectors include Financial, Retail, Leisure, Insurance, Public and Government. 
Insafe vaults and safes are Tested and Certified to the very highest European safe standards. 
Our UK wide service also includes the very best robust access control and locking systems designed
with Banks, Retailers and other heavy traffic use. Insafe deliver and install safes throughout the UK 
with in-house safe crews. Insafe stock over 2000 safes for immediate delivery.

Every Grade of Safe • Every Size of Safe • Delivered Everywhere



0800 52 63 88